The Genealogy of the Jahn Family

and the related surnames of Pliska and Sadil
This site tries to connect all of the descendants of Vaclav Johann Jahn von Neumark (later known as James John Jahn) who was born in Bohemia and came to America in 1901. Very closely connected to this family is the Pliska family, also from Bohemia. They appear to have travelled to America in 1888. Our earliest known male Plisa ancestor is Johann J. Pliska. I'd like to thank Diane (Baltzer) Jestes for the information and pictures she has shared about the Pliksa & Jahn families.

Click here to read about the early history of the Jahn family written by my Grandfather, Edward Jahn. I have not verified this information.

You will notice that some people have estimated birthdates with the words "cal" and "est." I use cal(culated) to indicate that there is a record (such as census) that I can use to base a year on. When I use the word est(imated), it is almost a complete guess which may be very imprecise.